Ran Littman 

רן ליטמן

PhD candidate                                                                                                                                                             Email: ran.littman@gmail.com






Ran Littman is a PhD candidate in clinical psychology. Ran’s research focuses on the cognitive mechanisms of control which are involved in situations of contradicting task demands. By using diverse tools of assessment, he inspects the operation of different mechanisms of cognitive control (e.g., proactively controlled vs. reactively prompted), explores the costs and benefits of the operation of each mechanism, and examines how such processes may be and ameliorated in individuals suffering from impaired cognitive control functioning.

A second line of research focuses on the execution and the inhibition of approach and avoidance reactions to emotionally aversive stimuli.


Littman, R., & Takács, Á. (2017). Do all inhibitions act alike? A study of go/no-go and stop-signal paradigms. PloS one, 12, e0186774.

The Clinical Neuropsychology Laboratory

Department of Psychology

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Mount Scopus, Jerusalem 91905, ISRAEL